Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zip Wall - 4 Pack Plus

Zip Wall - 4 Pack Plus

Are you interested in the Zip Wall Dust Barrier Systems. Whether you are a home owner or a contractor, I'm sure you are aware of the mess that can be made from plaster or sheetrock dust as well as other contaminants that easily fly through the air. Don't waste your time spending needless hours cleaning up afterwards because ZipWall has some great barrier systems to choose from. An all around great package is the Zip Wall 4 pack plus.
Updated 5/25/13

Product Features

  • Pro-quality and durability; sets up fast; no tape, no ladders, no damage
  • Build a 30-Feet barrier in under 5 minutes; Height: 4-Feet 7-Inch to 12-Feet; accepts sheeting up to 8 mils thick; each SLP weighs 1.5-Pound
  • Each 4PL package contains 4 SLP poles, a head, plate, tether, and Grip Disk for each pole, 2 Foam Rails, 2 T-Clip adaptors, 1 box of Standard Zippers, 1 Carry Bag
  • Meets strict ANSI certification for quality
  • One year warranty
Setting up the Zip Wall 4 Pack Plus is a breeze. No need for tapes, ladders or wood cleats. In just a few minutes your zipwall system will be ready for action.

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